About Us

Our history

Hachi Code started with a small family passionate about something “outside the box”. It has evolved to become the partner of those looking for memorable experiences, memories that surprise and products that defy expectations.

Our history is as unique as our products. It was born from the desire to offer something more than just “one more”; We want to offer emotions and each item has been carefully thought out to provoke surprise and admiration.

It doesn't matter if it's a gift for yourself or someone special, each item is a unique experience. We invite you to visit Hachi Code. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic and emotion and offer something truly special.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect the real world to the virtual world, create moments of happiness and surprise, we work to provide memorable and rewarding experiences for our customers. Through our QR Code products, we want you to take with you, wherever you go, the most beautiful memory in a sentence, the most beautiful invitation or even the most fascinating social profile or website.

Our commitment is to carefully create products that go beyond the obvious and bring to you or the person you decide to offer the emotion of feeling happy, surprised and valued.